Our experience with S. V. Mulgund & Associates and team was amazing. We are truly happy in our home because they have made it really warm and comfortable. The uniqueness of the team is that they were able to give attention to the client style instead of pushing their own. And the miracle is that the project was completed in just two months time. Their thoughtful consideration of every aspect of our project has made the entire process seamless and enjoyable. Thank you for your meticulous attention to detail.
A happy customer
Starting from tiles, laminates, handles, profile shutters, veneer, golden जाळी, to mirrors, curtains, decorative lights सगळंच खूप खूप सुंदर दिसतंय! All designs are utility driven and simple but beautiful. Everything quite meticulously planned and executed. Hats off to you and your Team. (एवढ्या चांगल्या लोकांना जोडून ठेवण सोपं काम नाहीये.) We have enjoyed this whole journey, thanks to you.
Phadke Family
An artistic family
My home is alive! Yes! It may sound a little weird to hear. But it is! The design, the flow, the furniture and fixtures, the flooring, the secondary spaces... everything compliments each other so well that it has become an organic whole! Designing this house with Sonali and her team from S.V.Mulgund & Associates was a memorable experience. They proved it to us that it does not take enormous budget to create elegance. Sonali is remarkably creative and resourceful. She punctuates your enthusiasm with realistic yet effective alternatives. For all the prickly-tricky designing problems, she has genuinely personalized solutions. A great sense of style and a keen eye for details – the entire team was our trusted ally in the journey of creating this beautiful individual – I proudly call my home!
Mr. Shrikhande
Proud owner of a charming & artistic home
Glitz, glamour and opulence...Many people offered us this for our dream project. But then it was Sonali and associates who offered us to make it our dream home: a reflection and extension of us as a family. What came as an added package was transparency, trust and complete honesty. They were keen to listen and implement what we wanted and never ever tried to push their own ideas. I was very clear in my mind how I wanted every corner of my home and they made each wish of mine come true like a genie. We wanted to be involved in each process and they offered us that liberty and transparency. We had very eclectic ideas and wanted to incorporate the elements of our love story in various elements, right from the blue door of "Notting Hill" to the antique jhoomar inspired by "Devdaas" to the haveli style master bed room ; they made my wishes come true like a genie. At the same time they took care of every technicality, every small detail to make the place as comfortable as possible for us and our little munchkin. They have a highly efficient and most importantly a very honest team. It was an amazing experience to be associated with them. Our heartfelt gratitude to them for making our house a home.
A happy client
Sonali and her team has been with us right from when our flat was being built, till the time we moved into our new home. Sonali explained to us how the process would work from design to build and patiently answered all our questions. During the selection process she always found time to accompany us to various stores for selections - be it laminates, upholstery, curtains, or light fixtures. She was open to our suggestions and willing to tweak their proposed designs to accommodate our personal tastes. Her team of carpenters, electricians, painters & polishers worked really hard to ensure that all elements of our home got built just the way we had imagined! Her office staff regularly supervised the work and everything was meticulously inspected before the final handover. Detailed accounts were maintained for all payments & receipts. Overall, the entire process was extremely hassle-free, with her staff handling the coordination across the various teams very professionally. We enjoyed every step of this journey! Thank you Sonali and team for designing such a lovely home for us!
The Jog Family
Another happy customer
I had an amazing experience with Sonali Dole and team. They were very much ears to all the ideas and the prices were reasonable too. They have done an excellent job in the interiors of my clinic. Till date everyone who visits the clinic compliments it for the soothing look.
Dr. Anuprita Gandhi Bhatt
Owner, Eye Clinic